Thursday, March 29, 2012

Body Care

Body care is essential to the health and appearance. to get the perfect look that is beautiful and we need energetic body treatments in particular. Here are some ways to look beautiful and energetic .

Beautiful Buttocks safe
Look beautiful and healthy is expected by many women, as we age, gravity often makes women beautiful body parts, such as breast and ass so saggy and loose. However, this situation can be overcome and there are businesses willing origin, gravity will no longer be a problem for the curvy woman's body.

Here are five tips to convey form and maintain beautiful ass:

  1. Perform a squat exercise movement is movement forward and stand with your legs bent in front of the position. This is the best way to shape your backside. Squeeze your legs and slowly squat down like you're sitting on an invisible chair. Down slowly until your legs can not move anymore. Repeat this movement 10 to 20 times. For the last squat movement maintain a squatting position as long as possible.
  2. Exercises For Buttocks Shaping Squatting movement with one foot forward is an important exercise for the buttocks and the surrounding form. Standing with one foot in front, and the other behind. Bend your knees and move the weight forward. Hold your legs on the floor behind you to survive. Repeat this movement for 10 to 20 times, then switch legs. This exercise serves to form the buttock muscles and helps tighten.
  3. Avoid sitting for long to make sure you move from the desk every few hours. Sitting for hours proved to bring bad effects for the body, especially the buttocks. Do this several times a squat-stand movement or just a little stretch every few hours. Replace the timer so that you remember to do this movement in between the times you work. This not only helps keep your ass, but it also helps ease the strain of other parts of the body.
  4. Do toning exercises. You need space to exercise. Make all fours and lift one leg slowly upward until your muscles feel interested. Do this 10 to 20 times for each leg. When you train your butt section with this movement, the arm that holds your body too so strong.
  5. Excess weight also worsen the buttocks. Muscle and fat cover and make the ass drop. Lean and slim body even better in the fight against gravity. Even if you do the exercises every day, but if you keep excess weight, it's only hard work will be in vain. Diets low in fat and high in protein and vitamin could be the best way to fight fat, fat hanging from the body.

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