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How to remove acne

How to remove acne on the back ?
Acne can appear anywhere on our body parts, acne can be grown on the back of the body, both in the back, arms and buttocks are usually called back acne. The form was all kinds, ranging from the usual small grains, blackish lumps, until it forms a cyst. Back acne can be more painful than normal acne because of the large pores are exposed than in the face.
Back to appear on the new teen puberty. 

How to Overcome back acne? 

When it is still mild, back acne can resolve themselves with 10% benzoyl peroxide cream and salicylic acid. However, when it is severe, you should consult a dermatologist. Back acne which was not severe enough to be treated with topical (only in the affected area). You might have to take certain antibiotics and anti-inflammatory to remove acne from the inside. 
1.   Keeping the skin clean and always change your clothes when sweaty after exercise or heat. 
2.   Customize your clothing with a more loosely so as not to cause friction with your acne. Use a soft clothing material containing a lot of cotton.

There is also a natural way :

 Natural materials practically eliminate acne is egg white and cucumber. Originally you know, the benefits of egg white that is lifting the cell - dead skin cells, while the powerful properties of cucumber is a black stain on the skin. These two natural ingredients so if we can make acne medication on back. 

Here are tips that I got to get rid of acne on the back / rear weight naturally: 

• Take a maih fresh egg whites, then beat the egg whites until stiff / solid
• Cut the cucumber into small pieces
• Blend cucumber and egg white until blended and a juice
• Apply to the body / back, let stand for 15 minutes until dry, then rinse with warm water.
• Perform routine until pimples disappear from our body. 
Do the treatment of acne on his back on a regular basis during the week, or until the acne disappears.

Hopefully these tips helpful to get rid of acne on the back of your back acne. 

Prevent acne appeared on your breast. Here are tips to prevent acne appears in the breast: 
1. Avoid sports bras (unless you exercise)
Wearing a sports bra make your breasts are less able to breathe easily. Humidity level is high so that the potential emergence of a large breast acne. Sports bras have properties that are so strong that suppress the evaporation of sweat becomes very difficult. We recommend that after exercise you do, you immediately change the strut a good bra, but also give enough breath to the breast. 
2. Sweating so, (if possible) Immediate Bath
One way to prevent breast acne is to shower as soon as possible, if you sweat a lot. After physical activity, rest for a while so that cooling occurs in the body, then take a bath. 
3. Use Anti-Bacterial Soap
When you shower, use anti-bacterial soap. Many doctors claim that the soap helps prevent breast acne.

4. Dry the body with Completed
After bathing, dry the body thoroughly. Use a towel to dry the skin carefully from moisture that may occur due to residual water bath. If not completed, it can also trigger acne breast.

5. Use a hair dryer
Sometimes, excessive moisture in the breast area is difficult to remove. To help, you can dry it with the help of a hairdryer. Obviously with the lowest heat setting and positioned far enough away from the skin. 
6. Use Anti-Acne Drug
For those of you who have sensitive skin, acne breast if, immediately treat with acne medication. Apply acne medication after you bathe and dry your body. In recent days, the acne will dry up.

7. Visit the Doctor
If the above efforts still not able to cope with your breast acne, you should immediately visit a doctor. Your doctor diagnose the type of acne. The doctor will also advise you related to breast acne. Ask your doctor how to treat acne is by nature first, at least what you should do to prevent and overcome them. If you still can not, ask your doctor prescribed.

How to remove acne on the head:
Acne can grow anywhere, could in the face or on your scalp. Acne can grow for the working poor digestion and also because of the failure process of neutralizing or removing free radicals or toxins in the body. 
dead skin cells or fragments of what you put on your pat on the head. The dirt was eventually clog pores and make the oil can not get out. Germs can multiply and excreting in the form of fatty acids and appear reddened or inflamed acne. 

Indeed, when you see acne appear on the surface of the scalp, you definitely want to immediately destroy it by squeezing. If you do not care it will facilitate more and more acne. But it's hard when you squeeze pimples in the skin of the head because you can not see it. Okay you squeeze pimples, when it is ripe or ready at the surface and the surrounding areas there are no signs of inflammation or infection. Because if there is inflammation around it is still painful and appear red or pus when you want to squeeze the pimple will burst and the infection will spread to the surrounding tissues. This will further facilitate the appearance of acne pimples near. 

One of the factors why there are pimples on the scalp is not clean you wash your hair. Because the skin is clean healthy hair, so adjust the schedule to wash your hair with your hair needs. When quite oily hair wash more often so as not to feel sticky. As for the hair dry otherwise. Because washing too often will erode the natural oils of the scalp. 

Choose a shampoo that suits your hair and condition your scalp. It would be better if you choose a shampoo that is separate from the conditioner because of the need for each hair is different. Moisturizing hair conditioner often referred to as function to soften, protect hair from sun and make the hair easier to manage. Avoid using too much shampoo because it is not necessarily clean. Pour enough shampoo in your palms and then mixed with a little water and apply on the scalp surface evenly. 

In order to use the shampoo evenly and clean then rub the scalp with fingertips. Do not use nails but with fingertips and rinse completely clean. Shampoo is left or left on the scalp can cause dandruff. So the rinsing process is important and determines your scalp hygiene. 

To overcome the scalp with acne, you can do aromatherapy that uses essential oils. There are some essential oils that you can use to combat acne. 

Essential oils of tea tree, Eucaliptus, thyme linalol is to antiseptic. Lavender essential functions to reduce inflammation, accelerate healing, soothing, stimulating the growth of new skin cells and prevents scarring. Want to reduce inflammation and anti-allergic, then you can use essential oils Chamonile. To antidepressants then you can use Bergamot essential oil. 

Lemon and lemongrass essential oils or can be used as astrigen lemograss capable of reducing oil production, drying and shrink pores. When this oil has the effect of the photosensitizer will cause the skin sensitive to sun exposure such as skin redness, irritation and cause a black stain. 

Function of the essential oils of Geranium and  is to regulate the production of sebum or balancing sebum production. If you have an oily skin type then the essential oils will reduce oil production in the skin. While on dry skin, essential oils will stimulate the skin to produce oil.

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