Monday, April 16, 2012

How to Choose a Safe Cosmetics ?

How to choose a safe cosmetics ?Know your skin type properly. In general, for your combination skin type (oily in the T area: forehead, nose, forehead). Select cosmetic products, such as moisturizer, foundation, or powder that suit your skin type.
  1. Stop sharing personal cosmetic tester If you look at the mall or the mall, do not be tempted to try it. Ask the clerk that there is beauty cosmetics clean before use. After use you should clean it up immediately rather than waiting until the return home. Because of the share, you do not know what diseases can be transmitted by the cosmetic beauty. Tips on the safe side, use the area of ​​your arm, not the face to check the color.
  2. Skin testing before buying a package of cosmetics, you should consider the chemical content in cosmetic products such beauty. If your skin problem, use cosmetics for sensitive skin that levels of the chemical has been tested. You must also consider a simple check on the cosmetic package. For example, you can put on the arm or back of the neck while searching other cosmetics. If you feel itchy do not buy it, or stop the use of cosmetics beauty products page.
  3. Stay away from the Sun Keep your beauty cosmetic package in a container or a place away from heat or sunlight. In addition to damaging the quality, can also lower your color cosmetics. You also should seal painstaking cosmetics after using it. To prevent dust from dirt and germs in the air.
  4. Pay attention to the cosmetic storage time in a safe beauty cosmetics package you use. Do not force when he was already more than two or three years. Because, can make the infection of the skin and cause irritation to bad!. Age lipstick, mascara, powder, foundation, moisturizer and eye shadow can last an average of up to 2 years. However, liquid or liquid products much younger than cosmetic
  5. Clean up tools cosmetics Note the cleanliness of your cosmetic tools. Get used to wash the equipment before using it routinely. Dust and dirt and oils that stick to the face can trigger the proliferation of bad bacteria. Thus, instead of pretty face you will have problems.

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