Thursday, March 29, 2012

dry skin care

How to dry skin care ?  
Do not get confused here you can get tips on caring for dry skin, often times we are confused about how to keep your skin look dull. Moreover, supported by the hot weather, making the skin more easily dry dull.

The weather is hot, dry skin only confuse the owner, especially as a woman claimed to be more extra longer keep her skin healthy and do not look dull because of dryness. Various ways have you been doing anything possible, but no result, but instead make our skin getting damaged and confused about how to cope with the damage, there's the added problem if do not know how to treat them.

Tips to overcome dry skin and dull:

Tip One:
treatment with the potatoes, wash first and then peeled and shredded potatoes. Then used as a face mask for about 5-10 minutes, rub gently. Then rinse with water and wash your face with facial foam which you normally use.

Tip Two:
Take ½ teaspoon, mixed with 6 drops of olive oil. Next add the lime juice. Apply the mixture to your dry skin and let sit about 20 minutes. When dry wash with warm water and finally rinse with plain water. Do it once a day.

Three tips:
Take a lime, then split into two parts. Give a few drops of vegetable oil / olive oil, then spread on biscuits. Do it once a day.

Hopefully these tips are useful, and can quickly resolve your dull dry skin.

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