Thursday, March 29, 2012

Eye makeup

Eye makeup is very necessary to keep one's appearance, for women it is easy to create accents and eye makeup that creates beautiful results if you knew the right way. Our eyes should appear bright and clear, but often times our eyes look tired and stressed. Here are tips to avoid eye fatigue and make up the right way to produce a beautiful eye makeup.

1. Eliminating the Black Circle Under Eyes

If there are dark circles under the eyes caused by stress, unbalanced diet, allergy, or sleep deprivation. With cosmetics and the right tools, there is an easy way to remove dark circles under the eyes.

Eye area requires more attention because the skin is unbelievably soft eyes. First, moisten with eye bags eye cream. When the skin is too dry eye, will clarify the fine lines on the eye. Oily skin types need moisturizing eye too.

Use one of the products that can remove dark circles in the eye, apply the darkest part of the eye. Once applied evenly, brush a little powder concealer that is not easily erased.
We recommend using a lighter color than the color of your foundation. If you want to disguise the puffy eyes, choose a concealer color is darker than your foundation.

2. Use mascara to make the eyes

Mascara is a makeup product that must be held and a final touch of eye makeup.
Mascara can make lashes look thicker, darker and longer. So can bigger eyes and looks beautiful.
Mascara has anti-bacterial substances that hold up to 3 months. After that mascara can be a breeding place of bacteria can lead to eye infections. So, do not keep mascara too long. You can judge by the smell and the texture becomes thicker and results like never before.

The best way to store long-lasting mascara that is to use it properly. Many people like to shuffle the mascara cap when going to use it, this will make the air into the tube of mascara and make the mascara dry quickly. We recommend that you rotate the lid slowly at the time wanted to use it. At  the time of applying mascara, start from the bottom lashes, wiggle the brush from left to right and continue until the end of the lashes. Trim the end of the lashes to remove mascara is clumping. Simply apply one time to avoid a result that is too thick.

3. Using false eyelashes

For special events, try to use false eyelashes instead of mascara.
False eyelashes will turn your eyes into a beautiful spot. There are several options with different thicknesses for the beautiful makeup.
Follow these steps after you are done using the make-up:
  1. Measure the length of your false eyelashes according to the length of your eyelids. The same length with scissors so that your eye. If too wide, will make your eyes uncomfortable and look fake.
  2. Use a quality glue, apply glue to the lashes gently and wait 15-20 seconds before it is installed.
  3. Take the fake eyelashes with tweezers and put the line directly above your eyelashes. Make sure the fake eyelashes stuck together and close your eyes for 1 minute while waiting for the glue to dry.
  4. Once the glue is dry, a little more mascara on the lashes to look natural and thick.
4. Smoky Eye Makeup Eyes

Eye makeup smoky eyes are very beautiful and sexy if you know how. You can create dark or light effects. Commonly used colors are black, but you can use the color brown, purple, green, whatever you like.
  1. Give concealer on the eyelid and eye bags and give a little talcum powder to the long-lasting makeup.
  2. Apply a light color eyeshadow whole eyelid, from lashes to brow bone.
  3. Then apply a dark eyeshadow, at the start of the outer end of the eye along the lash line. After that you need to look like smooth gradations from dark to light
  4.  Highlight brow bone with the lightest color eyeshadow.

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