Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fashion Icons Today

Blake Lively, Fashion Icons Today
Unlike other celebrity-celebrity, a star known for his role in the series Gossip Girl has no alias stylist fashion stylist. All clothing and accessories that she wears is his own choice. But it always looks beautiful and fashionable. No wonder if the actors named Blake Lively fashion as fashion icons of today.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Organic Mask For The Face

Facial mask that is used in order to remove dead skin cells, making the skin look brighter, open the skin pores are clogged, relaxes facial muscles, smoothing the skin as well, and restore the skin moist.

Masks are popular today is an organic mask, because it is a natural substance and does not contain harmful chemicals that can damage your skin. Several types of organic masks that can be used include coffee masks, masks and mask black sesame oat or wheat mask. 

Here are some explanations of organic face masks :
  1. Masks Oats, wheat turned out to have the best amino acid content which is used by the ancient Romans and Greeks to treat minor skin diseases. These amino acids are very good as it can soften and smooth the skin, maintaining skin moisture and tighten the skin to keep it looking young.
  2. Masks Coffee, I think we know sidah coffee long ago. Coffee has a distinctive flavor and aroma. It was from a study says that coffee has benefits for the lifting of skin cells that have died, smooth the skin and make skin look radiant.
  3. Masks black sesame, black sesame seeds contain moisture and that can maintain the vitality of the skin. The content is diatomaceous earth, and kojic acid. Thus, the black sesame is great if we use as a face mask.
Due to clean your face with face wash with soap alone is not enough, then it must do more extra care with how to wear a face mask as I review the above.