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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Caring for face

Caring for face Tips, Clean smooth face and dream of all people, so the appearance of unsightly addition, we too confident. However, this desire is not to come face is turn a hand, especially if we are above the age of 25 years. The secret, is to perform basic skin care routine on a regular basis. Here are the steps that you should do:

Needs to be done to treat facial cleansing to remove make-up that has been subject to a full day. But this ritual must keep close track every morning and afternoon / evening. After cleaning the face, continue to refresh. Natural facial cleanser will work to remove all makeup, dirt and oil that had gathered on the skin of your face all day long.

Here are tips you should know:

Mascara with a cotton bud clean and natural skin care lotion cleanser specially the eyes (eye make up remover). Tie your hair to facilitate cleaning of mascara.
  1. Wiped clean eye shadow by gently using a cotton swab that has been given remove eye make-up
  2. Pour the cream a natural facial cleanser on your palms and rub into the nose, chin, forehead and cheeks using two fingers of both hands.
  3. Massage cream that is applied to the entire skin. Start from the neck towards the top, followed by a massage on the face with a gentle nature.
  4. Continue to massage the cream cleanser on the forehead with his fingertips. Gently massage the cream in the area of ​​the eye toward the nose.
  5. Massage cream in the chin area are prone to blackheads with your index finger.When finished, wash the cream on the face with a piece of tissue. Start from the chin, cheeks and forehead.
Refresher :

Use an astringent or toner to refresh the face, the formula is made in such a way as to sum up the pores, and cools the skin. Also useful to remove the remnants of the oil, make-up remains of dead skin cells and waste that can not be lifted by the cleaning fluid you use.

After cleaning the face, immediately place a freshener (toner or astringent) on a piece of cotton, and apply to clap her way to taste the skin from the forehead down to the bottom (chin).